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Tailored cloud solutions for your business.

Stop fudging your IT budget and make it the utility it is. Ask us how to consolidate and standardize your IT expenditures. 

Streaming Technology Services Milford, MA


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streaming technology services.

We have the solutions for both private and public entities.






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Featured Services

Mobility & Accessibility

Mobile, Local, and Web Access

Always on the go? Trying to deal with the new office reality and a mobile workforce? Tired of hearing over and over again from your IT services that you can't access that from home? 

Change the way you access your technology. See how we can stream your business applications to any device, anywhere, anytime!

Businessman with Mobile Phone

Security & Compliance

Protect Your Assets

The modern era of technology has underscored the need for security, encryption, and the protection of proprietary data. Leverage the power of systems that can track, manage, protect, and block illicit access and abuse across the entire enterprise. 

Stop paying lipservice to both the law, and yourself.  Support FOI requests, be HIPAA, Sarbox, Dodd-Frank, and ISO compliance.

Azure & Office 365 Solutions

Work With Experts

Leverage the power of Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Migrate communications and collaboration tools to a world class platform that powers fortune 500 companies worldwide. Pay only for resources that you use, and cut the cord on the server closet, licensing and confusion of old in house technology solutions.


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