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Serverless Legal Cloud

Susbscribe to a technology solution, not just a piece of software. CloudSolved IT delivers applications, messaging, security, and document management while meeting compliance in ways legacy technology providers simply cant. 

Stop investing in the boom bust cycle of technology. Invest in the security and stability to focus on growing your practice. 

Legal Research and Writing

Document Management

Legal file services for modern cloud computing.

Microsoft Powered:


Office Apps

HD Video Confrenecing

Cloud Storage

Document Management & Compliance

Encryption Services

Starting @ $25.99 a/mo

cloud app streaming.png

Cloud App Delivery

Free your matters and billing. Let us take your Abacus, PClaw, Timeslips, or custom applications to the cloud. 

Stream your business on any device, PC, MAC, or Mobile!

Starting @ $39.99 a/mo

Regulations And Compliance Rules Law Professionals Businessman Working Concept.jpg


We tell our clients all the time to secure their data, and comply with records and financial retention regulations. 

Print, Login, and take control of your data and encrypt, protect, and secure you and your clients data. 

Starting @ $15.00 a/mo

CloudSolved IT, Serverless Solutions that just work.

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